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Why build with Shavida?

A Shavida home is so much more than just a house. It’s your own sanctuary, where life happens effortlessly and with beautiful vibrancy. Built upon moments made and enjoyed within its four walls.

Our homes are also a testament to the uncompromising quality, craftsmanship and research that guides each and every build. They are designed to be called home for generations – an endeavour supported by over 60 years’ experience making dreams come true for more than two million families around the world.

Here are nine reasons why a Shavida house can be your forever home.

Our people

As a global organisation with an enviable track record, we pride ourselves on a holistic and professional approach to building homes.

Our dedicated Queensland home building team is backed by both international and local experience across project management, design, building, marketing and service.

When it comes to building your own home, you will have access to a dedicated team across sales, customer service, construction, colour selection and more.

Our company

Behind the Shavida brand is Sekisui House – a global residential property builder.

'Love of Humanity' is our defining philosophy. It means that everything we do, we do in good faith, and with a spirit of service. It means we work hard to create happiness in others and place the very highest value on our customers and partners.

Our purpose is to create beautifully considered and well-designed homes and communities that improve with time and last for generations.

Since 1960, Sekisui House has built over 2.4 million homes for families around the world, each designed with people in mind. We’ve also grown to become a world leader in sustainable residential construction and development, and we’re committed to our mission and responsibility to create lasting value for generations.

We look beyond the structure and raw materials to the most important feature of any home – the people who live in it.

We wholeheartedly believe that nurturing a careful, considered connection between nature, communities and wellbeing can enhance living experiences. And we apply timeless aesthetics to ensure longevity and enjoyment over time.

World-leading R&D

We successfully build homes people love to live in because we’ve taken the time to research exactly what an effortless life looks like. That exploration takes place in not one but two research and development institutes purpose built by us to discover just what makes a happy home.

The Comprehensive Research and Development Institute in Kyoto is the first of its kind – home to a specialised experience studio which analyses how homes can be designed to help develop the minds and bodies of children, the differing needs of the elderly, and all types of abilities.

The Human Life R&D Institute studies happiness, focusing on areas such as health and familial bonds, individuality and enjoyment. This research informs the thinking behind every detail in our homes.

So, whenever we build a home or a community – no matter where it is in the word – we thoroughly research the climate, natural features, culture and lifestyles in order to create sustainable pockets of life that will thrive in that region.

We’re proud to say that our investment into research is second to none. As a result, we’re raising the bar for residential living here in Australia, so our residents can come home to an extraordinary life each and every day.