Choosing your home design

Shaping your dream home is an exciting process, and when selecting from our range of expertly designed houses, there are a few things you need to consider.

Saffron 156 Natural facade Nourish CS 2000x1400

What matters to you?
Start by making a list of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ to ensure your new home perfectly encapsulates your life and style.

Here’s what you should include on that list:

  • Number of storeys

Single storey homes are great for larger blocks and ideal for young families or less mobile residents. Opting for a double storey home will allow you to fit a larger home on a smaller block, maximising your outdoor space. For larger families, a double storey home can give you more segmented living space, affording your more privacy and space to breathe.

  • Number of bedrooms

As well as catering for the whole family, consider how often you have guests to stay and if you need extra space for hobbies - i.e. a music room, library or home theatre. A home with bedrooms close to the principal suite is great for when you have little ones. However, if you have teenagers, you may want a little extra distance between living quarters. Bedrooms that surround the main bathroom with a separate toilet can be handy for busy families or people who love hosting.

  • Your living space

If you have young children, several different living zones can make your everyday more effortless. It's important to have somewhere close to the kitchen and main living area where children can play within sight. With teenagers, it can be important to give them their own space, something that can be afforded by a private retreat for study or relaxation. If you're an avid cook or entertainer, you’ll also need a generous kitchen area. Similarly, an open plan layout can help integrate the kitchen with the rest of the living area and create the ultimate entertaining space.

  • Level of privacy

If your family’s privacy is a priority, consider how the home, rooms and outdoors are screened from neighbours, driveways and the street.

  • Layout of your home

Visualise how you’d like to live your life and the type of environment you’d like to create for your family. You may prefer a more formal layout with an impressive entry, a hallway and separate rooms, each with a specific purpose. Or, you may decide to choose a bright, airy, open plan layout. Take note of how a particular design could be adapted as your family grows or your needs change over time.

  • Sustainability

Sustainable homes provide greater comfort all year round, afford you sizeable savings, and are better for our environment. Talk to your New Home Consultant to understand what features are already included in your home, and to explore additional ways you can make your home even more environmentally friendly.

  • Outdoors

Consider whether you want a spacious and landscaped backyard for pets and kids to run around in or to install a pool. Instead, maybe you’d prefer a smaller space that can be paved and maintained easily. Adding an outdoor deck or alfresco area can also create an indoor-outdoor living environment that's great for entertaining or supervising children playing outside. Your yard is your oyster so consider what role you’d like it to play in your home life.

  • Inclusions

All Shavida homes come with a range of premium inclusions as standard. However, should you choose to upgrade to a higher level of inclusions, you’ll need to consider how much you’d like to spend. Ask your New Home Consultant for a complete list our upgrade packages.

  • Your needs

Think about what you'll miss in your current home, and what you're looking forward to in your new home. Sometimes it's small things like power points being near appliances, and sometimes it's big things like having more room for your favourite hobby.

  • Curb appeal

How your home looks from the street creates a first impression, something you can tailor to your own unique preferences. Make sure you choose a façade that suits your budget and personal style, and be aware that some façade treatments may be subject to council or development requirements. To explore your options speak with your New Home Consultant who’s always on hand to guide you through your home building journey.

Need help choosing a home design?

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