Intelligent wall cladding system revolutionises low-maintenance living

Date: 23 August 2021

Wall cladding system

Keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter without the power bills going through the roof can often be a challenge, particularly when the harsh Queensland heat sets in.

Sekisui House Australia has tackled this challenge head-on, leveraging its Japanese ingenuity and more than 30 years of research and development, to deliver an innovative wall cladding system for our unique climate that is not only breathable but also self-cleaning.

Handmade in Japan and exclusive to Sekisui House Australia’s latest Shavida move-in-ready spec homes, the wall cladding system features an intelligent coating that repels heat, and sheds dust and grime with just a light shower of rain, providing an exceptionally low-maintenance solution for busy lifestyles.

The cladding system also helps to protect against UV damage and colour fade. While a normal house may require a repaint every 10 years, Shavida’s cladding lasts for at least 30.

Beneath the exterior cladding is a vapour-permeable wall wrap — meaning water vapour can easily escape — shielding the home and its insulation from water-related damage and minimising the risk of condensation-related mould growth. While air leakage in a traditional home typically accounts for 15 to 25 per cent of winter heat loss and can contribute to significant loss of coolness, the wall wrap ensures every gap is tightly sealed to maintain stable, year-round comfort. In fact, independent testing has found that the air leakage of a Shavida spec home is up to 51 per cent less, contributing to better energy efficiency and controllable ventilation*.

Air leakage also plays a significant role in noise reduction. When air leaks are present within a home, noise leakage will occur, resulting in reduced acoustic performance. Compared to conventionally built Australian project homes, Shavida spec homes include higher levels of insulation within its wall cladding system to reduce noise transmission and excessive air leakage paths where noise may penetrate.

The efficiency of the insulation is supported with the inclusion of a roofing ventilation system that works to reduce the accumulation of heat in the roof space through continuous vented eaves and whirlie birds that replace hot air with ambient temperature air from outside.

Quick cladding snapshot:

  • Thermal stability with nano-hydrophilic coating
  • Superior air tightness and draft control
  • Minimal noise transmission
  • Multiple layers of waterproofing and insulation
  • UV damage and colour fade protected
  • Self-cleaning
  • Energy-efficient.

Shavida’s latest release of ready-built home designs featuring the advanced wall cladding system are now selling. To find out more about this latest release, view our properties for sale.

*(Source: Clarkson Consulting Services Report on Comparative Building Performance — September 2019).