Shavida raises the roof with R&D

Date: 8 September 2021

Achieving the perfect balance between durability, functionality and flexibility to create life-enriching home environments takes years of combined knowledge and experience. Backed by more than three decades of comprehensive research and development, Sekisui House Australia has taken the time to truly understand how families at all different life stages work, move, play, relax and entertain in their homes, to get the balance of Shavida homes just right.

Sekisui House Australia’s Comprehensive Housing and Human Life Research and Development Institutes in Kyoto, Japan, are the first of their kind in the world, designed to develop architectural technologies, evaluate housing performance and find ways to bring happiness into the home. Findings borne out of these institutes have been translated for the local context to inform all Shavida home designs, with Australian designers working in collaboration with Japanese architects to deliver future-focused living.

Award-winning Sekisui House Australia Registered Architect, Teresa Chan, and Product Design and Development Manager, Yukihiro ‘Naga’ Suenaga, worked together in collaboration with other key members of the team to create the latest Shavida design collection.

Teresa, who has worked in the industry for more than 18 years — eight of which have been with Sekisui House Australia curating custom-designed homes, project homes and multi-residential projects — said Japanese architecture was all about attention to detail.

“The Japanese have gained a reputation for being smart with space as their houses tend to be very small. That’s why every inch of space within Shavida floorplans have been fastidiously designed to create the most value, comfort and freedom on smaller sized lots, which is where our strength lies,” she said.

“Careful consideration has also been paid to features such as open-plan living, outdoor connection, smart storage solutions, and natural light and ventilation, which all contribute to making a Shavida home more comfortable and liveable.

“It’s that considered living that we always think about when we’re looking to move a window here or there, but it’s also those little moves and changes that have an impact on how we live in a room. This is why our research out of Japan is so important.”

As a First-class architect, construction management engineer and landscape management engineer in Japan, Yuikihiro has been involved in more than 400 custom home projects, before making the move to Sekisui House Australia, bringing with him an intimate understanding of Japanese design principles.

Yukihiro agreed Shavida home designs maximise space by adopting a smart approach to zoned living.

“Our designs create a balance between social and secluded zones to provide both a sense of space and privacy, which is perfect for different types of occupants like young families,” he said.

“Shavida homes are also designed to be flexible and convenient, with many floorplan options that include a butler’s pantry off the garage so groceries can be easily transported from the car, and a multi-purpose room off the kitchen with line of site for families with young children.”

Shavida’s energy-efficient inclusions also help to reduce each home’s carbon footprint — another key motive of the Comprehensive Housing Institute with its research leading to the construction of more than 51,000 net-zero-energy homes since 2013.

“Shavida designs focus on providing a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle, reducing each home’s impact on the environment through inclusions that promote greater energy efficiency, such as insulation, ventilation and roof sarking,” Yukihiro said.

“Combined, these inclusions reduce the reliance on artificial heating and cooling.”

With ‘Love of Humanity’ Sekisui House’s defining philosophy, the team at Shavida is dedicated to creating happiness in the home by putting people first. Its continued investment in research and development is second-to-none, raising the bar for residential living in Australia so residents can come home to an extraordinary life each and every day.