Embrace Australiana with this nature-inspired interior theme for your home

If you’re looking for a way to inspire a sense of nature within your home and invite a touch of the outdoors in, then the Australiana interior theme might just be the one for you.


This vibrant interior theme is currently being showcased in the Wisteria on display at Ecco Ripley. Below are some tips on how you can replicate it in your own home.

Why we love it

The Australiana interior theme draws inspiration from Australia’s rich natural environment to create warm and grounded spaces within your home. And best of all, it’s truly unique.

Wisteria bedroom
  • Start with your art

The artwork you choose to hang in your home is instrumental in setting the tone of each room. If you're inspired by the Australiana interior theme, look for large prints or photos that catch the eye and feature rich tones and natural settings (think outback landscapes, native flora and fauna and country settings). You'll then be able to pull from the colours within your art to inform the broader palette of your home.

Wisteria principal suite

  • Layer in rich earthy tones

Start with large furniture items like lounges and upholstered bedheads in rich linen, oatmeal or flax tones and pair these with warm natural timbers in key pieces like the dining table and entertainment unit. You can then weave in vibrant splashes of sage green, plum and terracotta through your homewares, rugs and linens.

Wisteria family
  • Bring the outdoors in

Australiana is all about channelling the natural beauty of the country we call home. And one of the most straightforward ways to achieve this is by inviting a little bit of what you see outside in. Things like natural wood décor items, wool throws and dried bouquets of banksia, wattle and smoke bush will go a long way to helping your home capture this sense of native richness.

  • Maintain a light, airy feel

Australia is a big country with a lot of wide, open space. So, it stands to reason that the Australiana interior theme reflects this. It’s important to ensure that your home features a lot of natural light. For this, we recommend white or cream sheer curtains in a linen blend fabric that won’t weigh your space down or block out too much natural light. Another trick is to opt for airy furniture that isn’t too chunky to help maintain an open, free-flowing feel throughout your home. Raised sofas with legs, glass coffee tables, large mirrors and rattan chairs are all excellent ways to achieve this.

Wisteria Dining

Our resident interior designer, Bree Pullinger, has applied the Australiana interior theme to our Wisteria home. Watch below as she walks us through her design choices.

Get the Australiana look in your home

If you’re interested in pursuing an Australian-inspired interior in your home, we invite you to visit the Shavida Display Centre at Ecco Ripley, where it’s currently on display in our Wisteria display home.

The Wisteria features our Nourish interior colour scheme, which harnesses the textural variety and earthy tones of native surrounds to create inviting interiors that truly feel like home.

You’ll also have access to several other display homes at the Display Centre, all featuring similarly stunning interior themes.