Capture the boho spirit with your home’s interior theme

One interior theme that never fails to impress is Boho. Derived from the Hamptons interior theme, Boho incorporates soft, muted tones and a vintage-inspired colour palette to create a look that is both playful and classically chic.

Ebony open plan

This interior theme is currently on show in the Ebony on display at Ecco Ripley. Below are some tips on how you can replicate it in your own home.

Why we love it

The Boho interior theme is all about creating a calming energy that flows freely throughout your entire home. It's simple, sophisticated and contemporary. Here are a few tips on how you can capture the Boho spirit in your home.

  • It all starts with some wicker and white

Bright white walls and wicker or rattan furniture is an excellent place to start when embarking on your Boho interior design journey. Once you’ve got these pieces in play, you can then work on livening things up with some colour and texture. The great thing about the Boho aesthetic is that there are no hard and fast rules. Anything from velvet cushions and rattan homewares to pastel ceramics and vibrant artworks will work a treat.

Ebony dining

  • Go for calming colours

To help foster a sense of holiday calm, we recommend keeping your colour palette restricted to soft colours like beige, avocado, pastel pinks and terracotta hues. Integrating these soothing tones will keep your home feeling cool and serene, and they’re flawlessly easy to match. If you want to glitz things up, throw in a few complementary hints of gold.

Ebony open plan
  • Escapism through art

One way to infuse your home with a sense of relaxing holiday flair is by incorporating large pieces of photo art featuring luminous outdoor landscapes and dreamy beach scenes. These giant glossy images are a great way to conjure a sense of wanderlust while adding some vibrancy to your colour palette.

Ebony Dining
  • Draw colours from your artwork

Once you’ve established which vibrant pieces of artwork you’re going to showcase, look closely at the colours featured within them. If you see any that you’re particularly fond of, use them as a guide to inform the rest of your home’s décor. By matching the shade of your linen and homewares to the images on your wall, you’ll create a sense of visual harmony that will flow beautifully from room to room.

Ebony Principal Suite
  • Sophisticated one-offs

While the Boho movement is traditionally one of free hippie spirit, its modern interpretation doesn't shy away from the odd splash of sophistication. One of the best and perhaps cost-effective ways to conjure a sense of boho chic is by investing in a few elegant statement pieces such as arched mantelpiece mirrors or a luxurious bed head and placing these strategically around your home.

Ebony bedroom

Our resident interior designer, Bree Pullinger, has applied the Boho interior theme to our Ebony home. Watch below as she walks us through her design choices.

Get the Boho look in your home

If you’re interested in pursuing a Boho-inspired interior theme in your home, we invite you to visit the Shavida Display Centre at Ecco Ripley, where it’s currently on display in our Ebony display home.

The Ebony features our Serene interior colour scheme, which is the perfect palette in which to implement the Boho interior theme. Its neutral palette bestows a sense of classic elegance in interior spaces, empowering them to feel both sophisticated and comfortable.

You’ll also have access to several other display homes at the Display Centre, all featuring similarly stunning interior themes.