Inspire a sense of seaside bliss with the Hamptons interior theme

If you’re forever dreaming of the seaside, then it might be time to consider a Hamptons-inspired interior theme for your home. This classic, coastal aesthetic works to fill your rooms with a calming ambiance all year round, while also being luminous, airy and refreshingly tasteful.

This interior theme is currently being showcased in the Capri on display at Ecco Ripley and we'd like to share some tips on how you can replicate it in your own home.

Why we love it

One of the best things about the Hamptons interior theme is that it’s amazingly easy to achieve. Its preference for cool tones teamed with a minimalist approach means it's attainable and affordable.

  • Begin with a neutral base

An interior base refers to the predominant colour of the key pieces of furniture throughout your home. When going for the Hamptons theme, you’ll want to keep the shade of these larger items limited to neutral tones like white, cream, beige and light natural timbers. Once you’ve got these large pieces established, you can then begin integrating pops of colour through your soft furnishings, artwork and homewares.

  • Layer in cool, calming tones

The colour blue has long been synonymous with coastal decorating. But when it comes to the Hamptons colour palette, you can branch out into some light beiges, soft sea greens and warm coral accents. These tones pair fantastically together and are a great way to maintain a calm coastal feel.

  • Take cues from your art

Once you've landed on your neutral-based furniture, a little hack is to then lead with coastal inspired artwork when it comes to your pops of colour. Take the colours featured in the artwork and draw them out by integrating them into cushions, linens and other decor items.

  • Opt for on-theme homewares

One of the best ways to inspire a sense of coastal bliss is through your homewares. And the great thing about the Hamptons aesthetic is that there’s so much out there to work with, from beaded pendant lights and seashell ornaments to more sophisticated items like mosaic tabletops, marble finishes and velvet cushions.

  • Prioritise natural light

When adding the finishing touches to your home, make sure to prioritise natural light. This will go a long way to helping you achieve that luminous airy feel that truly is the essence of the Hamptons. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is with your choice of window covering. Opt for sheer curtains in a textured fabric such as linen, which not only offers an elegant finish, but also strikes the ideal balance between natural light and privacy.

Our resident interior designer, Bree Pullinger, has applied this style to our Capri home – watch below as she walks us through her design choices

Get the Coastal Hamptons look in your home

If you’re interested in pursuing a Hamptons-inspired interior in your home, we invite you to visit the Shavida Display Centre at Ecco Ripley, where it’s currently on display in our Capri display home.

The Capri features our Soothe interior colour scheme, the perfect neutral palette that reflects the Hamptons interior theme beautifully. The light and airy tones feature a predominant mix of white and natural oak, creating clean, calm and natural interior spaces.

You’ll also have access to several other display homes at the Display Centre, all featuring similarly stunning interior themes.