Transform your home into a Scandi dream

The simple and functional tones of the Scandinavian palette is a favourite across many homes around the world. In capturing the tranquil colours of Scandinavian minimalism, it creates clean, chic and modern interiors and effortless comfort while still being impressionable and contemporary.

Saffron family

This interior theme is currently being showcased in our Saffron design on display at Ecco Ripley. Below are some tips on how you can replicate it in your own home.

Why we love it

The Scandi interior theme is popular, trendy and very easy to execute. By blending a simple white base with pops of black and warm complementary tones, it creates a cosy, contemporary atmosphere that will work in any home. Here are a few tips from our Shavida interior designer to get you on your way.

  • Use your space wisely

To maximise your interiors, we recommend sticking with slim functional furniture pieces that won’t weigh your interiors down (think sectional sofas on raised legs and glass coffee tables). And if you’re ever in need of a few extra lounging chairs, simply throw in a few floor cushions that can be stored away when not in use.

Saffron MPR

  • Embrace the white, then add pops of black

A common theme amongst many contemporary Nordic homes is their simplicity. Mirror this by starting out with a strong white base for your walls, furniture such as your lounge suite, bed heads, curtains and linen.

Next, add in a few pops of black for sophistication. Keep it minimal but consider key pieces such as your dining table, bar stools and scatter cushions.

Saffron dining
  • Layer with warm colours to bring to life

When it comes to layering in colours, we recommend opting for warm tones like maroons, mustards and burnt orange to help cultivate a sense of cosy charm.

Saffron nursery
  • Opt for artwork that is striking yet simplistic

When selecting your artwork, look for pieces that manage to be both eye-catching and minimalist. Black and white photography or prints featuring muted tones blend perfectly with the Scandi colour palette and will help bring a sophisticated finishing touch to your home.

Saffron principal suite

Our resident interior designer, Bree Pullinger, has applied the Scandi interior theme to our Saffron home. Watch below as she walks us through her design choices.

Get the Scandi look in your home

If you’re interested in pursuing a Scandi interior theme in your home, we invite you to visit the Shavida Display Centre at Ecco Ripley, where it’s currently on display in our Saffron display home.

The Saffron features our Calm interior colour scheme, which is the perfect palette in which to implement the Scandi design theme. A blend of soft complementary tones evokes the feeling of effortless comfort while still being impressionable and contemporary.

You’ll also have access to several other display homes at the Display Centre, all featuring similarly stunning interior themes.